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The famous restaurant in Márvány utca is recorded as one of the most popular entertainment venues in Krisztinaváros. It is located near the Buda Castle, at the heart of historic Buda. Its history stretches back to 1793, when this district of the city – after the university botanical garden that used to be here was divided up – began to grow.

This pub was founded by vinedresser of merit József Böhm from Buda, who welcomed his daughter’s wedding party as the first guests to enter the gates. The wedding feast lasted several days. When, after some days, the guests accompanied the young couple to the carriage in the street, the small young wife wearing a lace dress with white tulle fainted at the door of the house; the white-lipped and pale-faced woman was taken by her husband onto his lap. She seemed to be lifeless. Someone started speaking from the standing, loafing crowd: Look! The bride has turned to marble! (“Marble” is “márvány” in Hungarian.) As a result of this scene, the name of the pub came into general use.

There were a lot of famous guests, among them “the Greatest Hungarian” Count István Széchenyi and his beloved Countess Crescence Seilern-Aspang, who married on 4 February 1836 in the church of Krisztinaváros, and right from there, they went to the Márványmenyasszony Restaurant for the wedding celebrations. In the 1920s and 1930s, the artists of the Budai Színkör (Buda Round Theatre), such as Hanna Honthy and her colleagues, had dinner here often, and Zsigmond Móricz and Dezső Kosztolányi were also frequent guests here. It is an interesting thing that, in 1870, Márvány utca was named after our restaurant.

Now we can say that Márványmenyasszony is the oldest restaurant in Budapest that has operated without interruption since its opening. From the street front view, you might not expect what welcomes the guests – a huge, pleasant garden shaded by chestnut trees, an old wine cellar, a Renaissance-style private room, a Hungarian folklore room, an artists’ hangout and an underground clubroom.

After several renovations and additions, the building obtained its current look in 1997. That’s how the huge garden, surrounded by shady wild chestnut trees, operates.

Bandleader Miklós Lakatos and his musicians have been responsible for 25 years for the atmosphere of our restaurant.

Nowadays the restaurant operates as a restaurant and an event centre – we have space for corporate events, concerts, weddings, dinners, press conferences and business lunches.
We provide dinner parties with folklore programmes (folk dance, song) for our guests who like Hungarian culture and tastes and for foreign visitors.
The restaurant today continues the catering traditions of the old Krisztinaváros under modern circumstances. Here you can find more information about our cuisine and here you can find more information about the event venues.

"A sorsomat azonban nem panaszolom
Míg áll Budán az ösz Márvány-menyasszony
Míg iddogálom a szamóca-bólét
Szelíd szárnyával beborít a jólét.
Amíg a sárga-dinnyét szeletelém,
Egy barna kis leányon jár az elmém,
Ö hálistennek nem hagy engem árván,
Mert nem menyasszony, a még kevésbé márvány..."
Heltai Jenö